Users reported some problems that they have been facing from time to time. Few users have been facing the problem that Google voice calls are not ringing when they are trying to make a call. For people who have encountered this issue, I suggest you format your phone number efficiently by providing the right country code, refresh your browser and make sure to have enough credits for making an international call. Before we get into the steps of how to solve this problem, let’s see how users make calls with Google voice:
Google voice offers you a chance to make outgoing calls between the US free of charge which could help users to save money. Google voice number is only needed for making domestic calls. Users should install or open the app that will be available on their Android or IOS device. Tap on the menu on the above part and then select settings. Search for the part labeled calls and tap on calls and now you can set out when you want to use voice for calls. While wanting to make all calls using voice or international calls only then make sure to check each of these sections. The section labeled with the driving mode that you will see, states that you will likely use voice at times while driving to be safe and to be away from any risk of causing an accident or harm.

Now let’s talk about what we can do when Google voice calls are not ringing:

For the advanced technology, more or less everyone uses mobile phones to be in touch with others. While users are trying to make calls with Google voice, sometimes the calls do not ring and this could be a major issue since people facing this problem will not be able to reach their contacts. Follow these simple procedures mentioned below to prevent this problem:

1. In some cases, the number you are trying to call is not perfectly formatted. As a result, you might not be able to reach the recipient if your phone number is not formatted properly. Verify the number one more time when you see that Google’s voice is not ringing on the number you just called. Rather than copy-pasting the particular number, try to type that number and observe if any changes occurred.

2. Almost every user uses Google voice to make international calls as it allows them to do so. It can be done via phone or PC. The cost differs through Google voice depending on the present country you’re staying in. Users facing the problem that Google voice is not ringing their international calls should state and use the correct country code and make sure that the code is not entered more than once or repeated.

3. Users should ensure that they have enough credit to make calls via Google voice otherwise the Google voice will not ring for the lack of credit. No charge will be applied for users who are making calls from the US to recipients from Canada or in the same region. However, calls made from outside the US are not free of charge. Therefore you should buy credits to make your outgoing calls go through.
Open the voice app on your device and tap on the menu and then settings. You will see the payment option there and finally choose the add credit button. Fill in the amount of credit you want to buy and choose the payment method.

4. People from other regions than the US or Canada like Korea, India, or Cuba will not be able to make voice calls via Google voice as it does not work everywhere. Google voice service is only available in the US. Hence you will have to get back to the US to continue making calls or else the calls will not ring.

US people appreciate this service as it is free of cost for them to make calls via Google voice service. Despite all the advantages and benefits, some users still face problems that Google voice does not ring the outgoing calls they are trying to make and to reach the recipient and report them with the service. For them, the steps are mentioned above neatly to prevent this problem. Following every step properly and successfully will solve the problem for you.

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