How to Mark an Outgoing Email as Urgent

How to Mark an Outgoing Email as Urgent

There are various solutions in the matter of marking an email as important or urgent. The various solutions regarding this problem are given below-


There is no simple setting in Gmail that can mark an outgoing email as urgent. Maybe adding “High Priority” or “Urgent” in the email subject may work.
On another note, this feature is only available when one is using email account through an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. A user can mark an email as urgent using these services.
But if the recipient of that email isn’t also using the above-mentioned service as the email sender, the recipient won’t be able to see the “urgent” mark on the email.
It is also requested to keep in mind for the sender that their email teachings indicate that they should avoid or keep the usage of “High Priority” markings to a minimum. By not using the tag indiscriminately, they avoid the risk of offending their recipients.

Solution- 2

A sender can also use a psychological trick for setting their mail apart in somebody’s inbox by simply changing the subject header and using the recipient’s name; using the recipient’s name will attract their attention and it will give the sender’s email higher chances of being noticed by the recipient.
For example: If you’re sending an email to Clara about your company’s management report for the month, use her name in the subject of the email; also type “Hi” so it doesn’t look too aggressive. E.g., Hi Clara: Management Report.
This is one of the main reasons why people get caught in mass emails labeled as important often. Once the sender personalizes an email, it’s much easier to get action and grab the recipient’s attention.

Solution- 3

Marking emails as “Important”, “Urgent” or “High Priority” is something that is the function for Microsoft Outlook.
The reason why one can’t mark an email as important in Gmail is because that Gmail doesn’t have priority flags like Microsoft Outlook. But it’s fine as many clients and recipients tend to ignore the priority flag.
Instead, Gmail has a function in which Gmail learns which emails are important for an account by evaluating and examining several signals including who the account sends emails to often and which emails are opened by that person quicker than others.
In case of which recipient isn’t expecting the mail from the sender, the sender can consider following up the email by another channel such as phone or chat to ensure that the email can be opened in a timely manner.
Besides the senders can also consider adding key words such as “Urgent”, “Important” or “Action Required” to the draw the attention of the recipient to that particular message.
Alternatively, one can mark their received messages in Gmail with a yellow star for better visibility and convenience.
If an email is important in Gmail, one will see a yellow important mark
beside it; if the email isn’t marked important, then the marker would be empty.

Solution- 4

In the emailing service called Hotmail, the senders can click an exclamation mark for “!” for marking an outgoing email to let the recipients know it is important.
But a user can’t set the priority of emails in Gmail. On the contrary, Gmail does honor the settings applied by other mail clients.
For marking outgoing emails, one can use the useful Chrome Extension called Mark as important in Gmail.
This special extension will help add an exclamation mark at the beginning of the subject in Gmail and it will help the sender to mark an outgoing email as an urgent one.
Though it is to be noted that this extension will not change nor modify the header of the email message.

Solution- 5

When a sender wants to emphasize the importance of an email to their recipient, the email message needs to be set as high importance. In case if the message is just an FYI or an email to office colleagues about a non-work-related topic, the sender can mark the email as of low-importance to their recipient(s).
To send an email marked important message:
⦁ In Gmail, to compose a new message click on “New Mail”.
⦁ On the Ribbon, in the Tags group, the user can either select “High Importance” or” Low Importance” according to the significance of the mentioned message or mail.
The recipients will see a special indicator in the email list or headers for the email that the sender sent with these markings in most email programs.
In case of currently composing a mail, a user can tell when an importance mark had been imposed on that mail just by looking at the Tags group on the Ribbon. They are set if the ‘High Importance’ or the ‘Low Importance’ measure is imposed on the mentioned mail.
In case of changing the importance imposition of an email a user has already received, there are measure that one can take.
⦁ To open a received email, a user has to double-click to open it. But one important point to be noted is that a user can’t change the importance imposition of an email while viewing it in the ‘Reading Pane’.
⦁ On the Ribbons, in the Tags group the user has to click the ‘More’ arrow to open the ‘Message Option’ dialogue to impose importance tags.
⦁ The user has to use the ‘Importance’ drop-down to change the importance level of the mentioned mail. Then after the work is done, close the tab.
⦁ After these steps the user can close the message and before exiting when Outlook will ask whether to save the changes or not, click ‘Yes’ in the dialogue box.

Solution- 6

Gmail has a built-in tool and system which allows it to mark the incoming emails as urgent or allow the users to flag certain emails that they might deem as significant or simply the mails that the user might feel the need to refer back to.
But in this case, Gmail doesn’t allow marking outgoing emails like these. To draw attention of the recipient to read the email from the sender, the sender can type various keywords in the subject line such as ‘Urgent’ or ‘Important’.

Solution- 7

If a mail is sent through Gmail to a recipient, the recipient just receives it as a normal mail and as Gmail doesn’t offer an option where the sender can mark their mail or message as important or urgent, but there are some workarounds that can help a sender set their messages or mails apart or signify them more than just a normal mail.
To mark an email in inbox, a user may use the star icon to set them apart or deem them as important.
On the other hand, even if there’re no tools in Gmail that can help users to mark an outgoing email as important, a user may be able to do so if he/she configures their accounts in Outlook or Microsoft Outlook.
Once a user has configured their Gmail on Outlook, they can follow the below mentioned steps to mark an outgoing email as important-
⦁ On your computer open the Outlook program and located at the top of the window, click on the ‘Home’ tab.
⦁ User will need to click on the ‘New Email’ button located at the left of the Ribbon on the ‘Home’ option.
⦁ Then, user will need to click on the ‘Message’ tab which is located at the top of the window. Then, in the ‘Tag’ section of the Ribbon, the user will need to click on the ‘High Importance’ button.
⦁ After finishing these steps, the user can easily complete writing the email and click on the ‘Send’ button to send the email flagged as ‘High Importance’.
⦁ When this email will reach the recipient, the email will be displayed to the recipient along with a red exclamation point next to the email in their Outlook inbox.
A point to be noted is that a user can even adjust the default level of importance to high, low or normal in Outlook according to their will or convenience.

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